Created by writer, actress, producer, & radio personality, Raqiyah Mays, Broadway Night Out is a marketing, promotions and event planning company specializing in parties, seminars, screenings, showcases, and assorted events. Past Broadway Night Out projects include work with Warner Brothers’ “Crazy, Stupid, Love” starring Steve Carell, BET’s “Lens on Talent,” the African American Women in Cinema Film Festival, and international fashion glossy 360 Magazine.
560 S. Main St.

Los Angeles, CA 90013


Raqiyah Mays & “The Best Man” Director Malcolm Lee at Broadway Night Out’s seminar event “The Filmmaker’s View”


 About Raqiyah Mays

Raqiyah Mays is a writer, actress, and producer. As a radio personality, she began her NYC broadcasting career with a show at City College’s WHCR FM before moving on to Sirius Satellite Radio as a personality and producer for legendary DJ Grandmaster Flash. Later, Raqiyah hosted a weekend slot on Power 105 FM, before switching Hip Hop stations to host a Sunday afternoon show on Hot 97. In a year, she began simultaneously running a show on Hot 97 while also working as entertainment reporter for 98.7 Kiss FM’s “Wake Up Club” morning show. After three years, Raqiyah was elevated to co-host the show’s daily 6a-10a broadcast, before taking on a quick stint membership with “The DL Hughley Morning Show.” She’s handled the microphone and hosted major shows at some of NYC’s most popular venues, including Radio City Music Hall, The Apollo, and Giant’s Stadium. Today, Raqiyah focuses on acting and producing events with her newest success as the founder of Broadway Night Out. An event planning and production company for the Film, TV and Theater industry, Broadway Night Out produces the critically acclaimed event, “The Filmmaker’s View.” A seminar for aspiring actors, writers and producers, guest speakers of “The Filmmaker’s View” have included writer/director/producer Malcolm Lee and Emmy/Golden Globe nominated writer, producer, director Nelson George. Broadway Night Out clients have included BET, Miss Black USA, and the 13th Annual African American Women in Cinema Film Festival.

In 2009, VH1 deemed Raqiyah “A Future Leader of Black History,” placing her in commercials for their successful “Future of Black History” TV campaign. Over the years, she’s made TV show appearances all across the small screen as a cultural critic on MTV, BET, VH1, the Fuse Network, and the Fox News Channel’s Hannity and Colmes

A finalist in the 2010 IFNY Monologue Slam Competition, Raqiyah’s acting talent was most recently seen performing off-Broadway in the critically acclaimed, AUDELCO award-winning play Platanos and Collard Greens; the second longest running Off-Broadway show in New York City history.  She’s also appeared in the stage plays Auction Block to Hip Hop, Die Laughing, and He Said, She Said. A past member of the New York City cast of The Vagina Monologues, Raqiyah has appeared in several independent films including Conscientious Objector, Let’s Stay Together, Jealousy, Rapsheet: Hip Hop and the Cops, The Art of Love and Struggle, and Flow. Adding to her massive duties, BET recruited Raqiyah’s vocal acting talent to become the voice of the hit reality show, College Hill.

But it was Raqiyah’s previous work as a print journalist that prepared her for the present. Jump starting her career as an editorial assistant at the music publication VIBE, Raqiyah coordinated the magazine’s early charity events for youth. Moving on to become a freelance scribe, she wrote about music, culture, politics, and women for The Associated Press, VIBE, Essence, Billboard, The Source, XXL, and Complex Magazine. A founder and former Executive Editor of the socially conscious hip hop publication, The Ave, she was also reporter at large for the VIBE book Unbelievable: The Life, Death, and Afterlife of The Notorious B.I.G, which was turned into the critically acclaimed feature film, Notorious.

Whether on radio, stage, TV, film or in print, Raqiyah Mays strives to mentally motivate, stimulate, and inspire the masses. She has spoken on and moderated panels at youth, music, cultural and political conferences across the country.



18 Responses to “About Broadway Night Out”

  1. Very good program on Tuesday in NYC.

  2. I see you started out at City College’s WHCR FM.
    I did a radio interview for my company, Green Creative Group a few weeks ago with Tony Rogers.
    They have a wonderful facility over there.

  3. Harlem World Music & Video said

    Keep up the great work.

  4. AT said

    Great site!

  5. Hello I am located in the Los Angeles area and I am an up and coming film director. I would like to be put on a mailing list so that I can attend your Los Angeles event. I am currently a student at UCLA and I am always looking for good networking events to attend. Please add me to your mailing list and keep me posted of your up coming events. Thanks.

  6. There are many venues that boast of a great time but Broadway night out need not boast for it is the premiere place to be in New York City for the classy and upscale. It was well planned and well placed in the heart of downtown in an open, intimate setting. The talent recruited for this event was magnificent. You would doing yourself a grave injustice if you have attended an event like this yet but redemption can be found in making plans to attend one in the near future!

    • You are absolutely right Shawn. I attended my first Broadway night out last month and was surprised and elated to see so many people who were a diverse crowd. Absolutely loved it!

  7. Imani Alexander said

    please add me to the mailing list.

  8. Amazing meeting Raqiyah. Kudos to you with all that you are doing. Keep me posted on upcoming events.

  9. Donald Kingston said

    Great site!

  10. Saladin said

    This is such an excellent oppurtunity to meet and greet such talented people. I am so blessed to havebeen a part of it, and I look forward to attending all upcoming events!! Raqiyah keep it up!!!

  11. These events are really really cool for artists of any color. Because of Broadway Night Out ive casted an excellent actor for my upcoming film and have made many other cool connects. Raqiyah!!!

  12. Safiyyah Amina said

    I mean these words with all sincerity: My 1st born just turned 25 & I think you’re the same age. My brother didn’t live that long and left 2 kids. My granddad died as a broke jazz musician at 26 leaving a widow and 6 kids. I know it’s not easy being young, gifted & black and strive to make your dreams come true in this society.
    I’ve watched you grow from writing for Vibe to radio and now owning and managing you’re own company. That can’t be easy. I saw Platanos in it’s first run when Mira played the star’s best friend. (I bought his CD after the play). LOL.
    I say all that to say keep your head as high as your faith because your elders are watching and we are VERY proud of you! You’ve grown to be an inspiringly gracious, successful black woman and you have made history. Continue to shine star, your sisters will follow.
    At times, my generation can be guilty of dropping the ball as did the generation before us. Yet if I don’t give you these words of encouragement, Sis, to keep you grounded and encouraged, then I’m leaving nothing for my kids and I’m blocking the growth of our legacy.
    So if old 40 something chicks like me can keep you motivated and moving, I can be confident that my 11 yr old daughter is in good hands with you. You feel me. That’s the circle of life. (Insert Lion King music. LOL.)
    Seriously, I want nothing more than to see you make it. Thats what we did once upon a time. We looked out for our neighbor’s children. That’s how I earn my blessings and why I can rejoice that all my 5 children (especially my 2 sons with disabilities) have a future to look forward to.
    OK… climbing off my soap box. Just keep carrying a little piece of Piscataway NJ with you. To stay grounded I keep faith close at heart and a mental quilt of Harlem, Newark & East Orange NJ and my children’s faces with me. I refuse to be used nor lose myself. Our freedom is riding on it and we’re not feeling too free lately. Are we? In what other nation would someone dare refer to our esteemed President as a “tar-baby”? Only in the good old U.S. of A. Peace Sis.

  13. Safiyyah Amina said

    Btw, the “Crazy Stupid Love” premiere was FABULOUS! My friend Pam (from Chicago) and I had an awesome time. We were early. The crowd was mature and fun. Loved the free give aways. Our seats were supreme. You and Egypt were gracious hostesses. If this is what all of your events are like I may spend lots of down time at Broadway Night Out.

  14. Deference to author, some great information.

  15. eric o said

    I missed the the the segment game “beat raqiyahq
    ” d. L show was corny as hell but I did miss the the breakfast club….

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